Tuesday, August 26, 2014

tantalizing Tuesday - Daring to Wish by Tracey Rogers

Hello everyone!

Today I'm sharing an excerpt of Daring to Wish with you. This is the moment went Eve is taken home by her sexy stranger. Enjoy :-)

He chuckled, causing Eve to wonder why she felt the soft vibration through her body, until she realized her uninjured foot had made its own journey of self discovery and was now resting halfway between his hip and the danger zone of his groin. Oops! Shyly, she retracted her foot slightly with a soft slide and a gentle curl of her toes into his muscle. She felt him tense with her movements.
“In this instance I meant I have lots of practice with injuries,” he countered thickly. Eve blushed. “You’re very good at it.”
“I try to be good at everything I do.”
“Everything?” Eve asked with a breathy sigh.
She didn’t doubt that for a second.
She watched the play of his shoulders as he deftly wound the bandaging to end at her shin. Warmth flooded her face as he tore off a piece of tape with his teeth. How she remembered the touch of that mouth and those lips
“How does that feel?” he questioned huskily as he smoothed down the tape with his thumb.
Eve was momentarily lost for words as that deliciously skin roughened thumb began to make soft circular motions that intensified in height and sensation with each spine-tingling revolution. “Wonderful,” she whispered, nervously sweeping her tongue over her lips as heat surged through her veins.
“Not too tight?” he murmured.
He meant the ankle.
She moved her ankle gingerly and wiggled her toes. “It feels great, it really does. Thank you,” she said, surprised that it really did feel fine.
“And this?” he asked softly, not taking his eyes away from her face as his sensuous strokes now caressed the delicate area behind her knee.
Now he meant his touch.
Eve met the intensity of his searching gaze with boldness. “Amazing,” she admitted on a sigh. “But it’s not enough.”
She heard his soft curse only a moment before he reacted so fast his body became a blur as he moved over her. So close she could see every stunning striation of his piercing blue eyes— but not close enough. He braced himself with his arms at either side of her head, his knees rested in between her straddled legs so there was a hated space between them.
“Why isn’t it enough?” he asked. “Tell me what you need,” he demanded on a breath as quickened as her own.
“You,” she answered. “I need you.”


  1. Loved this book - and loved reading that excerpt again! Great chemistry between these two :)