Friday, August 29, 2014

Love Is In The Air

With some of the Beachwalk Babes (myself included) having wedding anniversaries recently - and also a wedding - love really is in the air! But, alas, love was in the air for Brad and Angelina recently as they joined in with all the love and got married. I may be a little heartbroken by this. Brad was my fall-back guy, second to my husband of course.

Though there is a family wedding that I'm really happy about which is happening today! As you read this I could be dancing the Macarena, or wiping spillages from my small ones flower girl dress. The couple in question met through work, which is very timely with Employee of the Month releasing very soon. An actual couple who were boss and employee; though I should state that there are no other similarities in the story! Though the newly weds do have their own romantic tale, but it's not mine to tell ;-) When I was searching for a unique gift for the happy couple, I decided to dedicate the book to them as an extra surprise. After all I doubt many other guests will have the same idea.

What makes me happy is weddings are a reminder of why we romance writers do what we do. We put people together, give them a few bumps on the road to make their happily-ever-after the best one we can. We can tear people apart, but then find them someone new worth fighting for. And now I'm all inspired.

So Mr. Pitt, I may be a little sad right now, and I'm sure you'll forgive me for trying to cheer myself up with these...

Feel better anyone? Have a wonderful weekend!
~ Tracey

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