Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - The Baby Contract by Olivia Starke

Welcome to Tantalizing Tuesday! Today we've got a teaser from Olivia Starke's next release (due out in less than a week) The Baby Contract.


A drawer opened, and several seconds passed before she heard his masculine purr. Curious, she turned and he held up her pink nightie, looking it over. Her stomach dropped to her feet.
“Nice,” he said. “I imagine you’ll look incredible in this. And equally incredible coming out of it.”
When he looked her way, his gaze pinned her to the spot even though instinct told her to flee from her mortification. He let the nightie drop into the drawer. He walked over to her, stopping too close, invading her craved personal space. His cologne enveloped her, stealing her breath. No, not his cologne, it was his bearing that held all the power in the moment—tall, strong, virile male, the epitome of confidence and testosterone. She stared at his mouth, his lips slightly full, softer looking than she expected, inviting wandering ideas of how his kiss would feel. If he’d be gentle, or if he would just take her with that mouth. Take her over and over and over…
She swallowed and realized she’d been holding her breath. He’ll be efficient. She repeated the mantra in her mind as if it’d help ground her. Imagining him as a wild and wanton lover was entirely too much to handle.
He lifted his hand to her cheek, but his fingertips didn’t quite meet her skin. Needle pricks of desire tingled beneath his near-touch. Enough to make her nipples bud and her pussy tighten. The room started a slow spin and she pressed against the cold glass behind her, needing its support. Liam’s tongue darted out, stroking over his top lip. She imagined it doing the same thing over her clit.
“Tell me, Abigail,” he began. He braced his hands against the window on each side of her. Beneath the deep rumble of his voice hid an erotic promise she couldn’t even begin to fathom. “What kind of woman are you?”
Abby searched her scrambled brain for an answer and came up empty. She squeezed her eyes shut, but blocking him out was impossible. “Mr. Whitmore,” she managed. She cleared her throat and opened her eyes, focusing on his tiepin. “I don’t understand.”
He made a low, growling sound in his throat. “Mr. Whitmore? Not that the formality couldn’t be kinky during the right times, but I’d prefer if you’d call me Liam.”

COMING - JULY 21, 2014

Having a baby is Abby's dream. Will Liam's enemies stop her happily ever after?

Liam Whitmore III is floored by the surprise stipulation in his father's will—provide an heir within one year or he'll lose the controlling portion of Whitmore Incorporated to his cousin Spencer. The corporation is Liam's life. He'll do anything to keep his cousin's hands off of it, including finding a woman who'll bear his child. Though finding the right woman seems an impossible task since he doesn't have room in his life for anything except running the company. He doesn't want a wife, just an heir.

Abby Haden's family is about to lose their ranch, the only life her ailing father and brother have ever known. She feels helpless and is desperate to help. When the most coveted bachelor in Austin, Liam Whitmore III, also known as the Takeover Tyrant, offers to pay her to have his child it seems too incredible to be true. 

She's all but given up hope of ever having a baby. Not only will her dream of being a mother come true, but she can also save the family ranch.

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