Saturday, July 19, 2014


I'm not ashamed to admit I love happy endings. I can't say when or why, or even what per se, fashioned my taste for romance. It's always been there, a natural part of me. I started with enchanting fairy tales and graduated to more complicated stories meant for mature readers. I'm not unique, not by a long shot. This affinity runs rampant in romance readers and writers. It draws us together.

In case you've missed out, the authors of Beachwalk Press have been taking turns playing host for the day on the Beachwalk Press Readers' Group on Facebook. Two things struck me as I stalked those conversations, admired the man candy photos, and enjoyed the steamy excerpts. The first was that this is a warm and cohesive group of women, no matter what latitude and longitude they call home. It's nice to be with them at the Beach. My second observation was really noticing the eclectic mixture of stories we write. We all fall under the romance umbrella, but that is a huge multi-colored umbrella that covers a wide array of tastes.

One of the questions posed this week was about what we'd like to see more of in the future. Our answers were as individual as we are, and yet, every situation and scenario offers what we crave most...possibilities. We all enjoy experiencing those breathless moments of falling in love again, even if only in fiction. We're eager to bond, to burn, and even to abuse those characters when they deserve it, provided they redeem themselves, suffer a little, and earn their satisfying happy ending.

Those never ending possibilities are why I read. They're most definitely why I write.

Do you agree?

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