Friday, July 18, 2014

Fantasy or Reality?

Hello and welcome to Friday!

Have you been taking part in our chats? If not there is still time to join us for lots of fun. I do believe I'm still blushing. You can join our Beachwalk Press Readers' Group here

I've chatted to lots of lovely group members and finally started my street team Rogers Rebels. If you want to join me, please do :-) You can find the link here

So one of the chats got me thinking, how much reality do you want in a book? We all want characters who are believable so we can follow along with their journey. We need reason to understand why their past shapes their conflict, why we felt their pain through the black moment and are desperate for them to reach that longed for happily-ever-after.

But how much real do we need?

Real to me is doing housework, juggling family, paying bills and deciding what to have for dinner. Being deliriously happy when you find that missing odd sock. Okay it doesn't matter if you threw its partner away the week before, the victory is still mine. So a book for me is a chance to escape from all of these things. In my fantasy world, my hubs would leap up the stairs the second I say I'm off to bed and not stay up to watch football. And my fantasy guy certainly wouldn't keep me awake by his snores and bathroom trips. And when he leans over to softly whisper into my ear, he wouldn't be saying, 'did you remember to lock the front door?'

Too much fantasy and you run the risk of Mr or Miss Perfect becoming Mr Arrogant and Miss Annoying. No flashing the cash or waking up like you just stepped out of a salon please. I identify with morning face creases and unruly eyebrows very well. I want flaws that make me feel better about being me! It's the flaws that make the emotion very real.

I think it's the dreamer in me that doesn't need all of the real. I want to believe that Richard Gere will rescue me from my sock search in full uniform, sweep me off my feet and put that hat on my head. I want my hero and heroine to ignore all the real because they are so consumed by passion and emotion. They will ache for each other. My hero will have stamina, lots of it, and my heroine won't care if her socks don't match. Yes they are clean, they shower a lot and often together. But I don't care if they rarely wash dishes, or launder their clothes. I want them to have challenges of a different kind. Challenges that may break them, so I can put them back together.

How about you, do you prefer fantasy or reality?
Have a wonderful weekend, I'm off to feed my unicorn.
~ Tracey

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