Saturday, May 17, 2014

Turning a cliche on its head.

With Sexual Politics about to release, I thought it might be fun to share the brainchild for this wonderful romance. 

We all know the clichés about infidelity and politics. It’s practically a given that we can expect to see a few high profile politicians caught in sexually compromising situations each year. The stories are so commonplace they’ve ceased to be stories.
Then I heard an interesting Behind the Music story on CBC Radio 2 one day and my eyes popped. I suddenly saw how the typical scenario could be flipped and freshened. This revelation was spawned by Margaret Trudeau, the wife and first lady to the former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. She caused a scandal when she disappeared for seven days and seven nights, without word, to hang out with the Rolling Stones in New York City. When Margaret was eventually located, at their hotel with them, eyebrows shot even higher. Under pressure to return to her waiting husband, she promptly flew home and announced she wanted to get her own apartment in NYC and commute back and forth to Ottawa. She’d found the role of first lady dull. It didn’t suit her.
I immediately began to consider what it would be like for a neglected political wife, particularly one married to a man with power and influence. What if she’d already become merely a prop at his side, meant to personalize him with voters? As in the original version, I intended to make Justine’s forbidden love interest a musician. Sean chose photographer instead. He was right, of course. I love how he asserted himself. As a sensitive and perceptive photographer, her loneliness, dejection, and isolation, even in a crowded ballroom, reached out to him. They were both on the edge of that world, yet apart from it. You could almost say they were destined to meet.
But innocent or not, the scandal breaks and that’s when things get really exciting. So join Justine and Sean and let your heart decide where she truly belongs.

*** You can read an excerpt from this story by clicking on the title above. 

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