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Tantalizing Tuesday - Executing Justice

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Today it's my turn to add to the Tantalizing Tuesday blog roll, so I thought I'd bring you a naughty little snipped from The Assassin - Available Now from Beachwalk Press!

The Assassin
Kumi Ito has her mission, as does Carmichael Snow, but are their objectives compatible?

Kumi Ito is a woman with a problem. Since assuming the role of head of the Commerce Department, she's found discrepancies…the kind that could cause anarchy if the truth got out.

When Carmichael Snow, the commander of the Emancipation, comes across intelligence that someone has placed a hit on Kumi, he has to save her. His plan? Hide her and find the assassin.

As they dodge the killer, a passion ignites between them that runs from simmering all the way to steamy. But will the actions of one snatch away their happiness before they can accept what is growing between them?

Content Warning: This book features a buff, hot guy and a kick-butt heroine. Naturally, hot scenes will follow.

ISBN: 9781940744209
Release Date: 19 May 2014



He was still talking, and she watched, fascinated at the way he used his hands to make a point. Heat crept along her cheeks. You can do this. After all, it’s just sex, right? Sexual hunger that I can work off then forget. It doesn’t mean anything. She ignored the part of her brain that told her it was so much more. That she was an idiot. That if he pushed her away, he’d leave and send another to do the job.

She closed her eyes, gathering her confidence around her, and sucked in an unsteady breath. With a groan she threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. “It’s not having just someone. It’s you.”

She fixed her lips on his, felt the stillness of his form before it melted away and his arms encircled her. He pulled her closer and she felt the heat emanating from him.

Their lips clung to each other’s. Her hands roamed over his chest, learning the dips and hollows, tracing the hard pectoral muscles and continuing their mad foray. Fingertips played with the clips of his uniform jacket and, without thought, she plucked at them, hearing the pop of buttons as they hit the carpeted floor.

His mouth moved, skating along her jawline, and nibbled its way to her ear. Her chest moved rapidly, sucking in any oxygen she could get, while he worked the most amazing magic on her system.
Carmichael’s hands found the loose jacketed top and slid underneath, burrowing to slide over the skin of her belly. It quivered in reaction and she arched back, needing more of his touch. “Oh. Please. Carmichael.” Her broken words filled the air. She hunted blindly and tugged on the buttons of her jacket before she thrust it from her shoulders, knowing she’d die if he didn’t fill her soon.

Her bra was removed with an efficient move from the sexy captain.

“I’ve dreamed of you.” His rough words hit her hard in the solar plexus just as his fingers
closed over her breasts. “The nights I’ve dreamed of filling you. Of drinking you and sucking your breasts like this.” He bowed his head and took the small bud into his mouth. Sensations of lightning streaked through her and she cried out. Her fingers settled in his hair, pulling his head closer so he’d take more.

Carmichael’s fingers found the waistband of her pants and his fingers dove deep, just finding the damp hairs at her center when the jangle of a communications device split the air. She stiffened, aware that at any second, with a small move he’d have them within her

aching empty core. But they remained still, listening as the answering service kicked in.

“Hey, Kumi. Are you still coming around? Ren and Selina have just arrived. If you can’t, let me know, otherwise I’ll worry.”

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Note: Executing Justice is the SECOND of the Reunion Trilogy. To see more, look up War's End and Executing Justice

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