Friday, May 23, 2014

Climbing The Hill

Hello and Happy Friday!

So my news for the week is, I got my gorgeous new cover for Employee of the Month...
I love when cover artists seem to pluck out an image out of your head and match the tone of the book just right!

In other news I am now at the dangerous half-way point in my current wip. Dangerous because this is the stage I start to question if I'm heading in the right direction. Do I ditch, or power through?

I often compare writing to a physical action or sport. That's because they are so similar. There's lots of thought, preparation and motivation needed in writing as there is in sport. Virtual blood, sweat and tears can be shed too. And of course as all active people do, writer's also have to keep hydrated and consider their diet. Sure the difference can be that the diet needs to consist of coffee and chocolate, but if it works and helps to reach the wonder finish line that is The End, then surely a writer's diet is hugely important also.

Reaching the half-way point in a book always seems like climbing a steep hill. You have the right gear (hero/heroine) only you need to stop and take a breath. So you look back and consider what you have already achieved, then look ahead to how far you still have to go. Daunting?

You have two options. You can decide to go back. It's a wasted effort, but at least you aren't expending more energy dragging your behind up to the top. Sometimes you are showing strength just by making that decision. But then you'll always wonder how it would've turned out if you had carried on. Maybe you'll start at the bottom of the same hill and try again? Or, you can carry on, dig your heels in and get to the top, because when you get there and look around, the view is magnificent. You can look all the way down and feel proud of what you have done.

So I've had a long hard look at what I've already achieved and I'm going to carry on straight to the top of that hill. After all when Chris Hemsworth is your current hero, how could you not?

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