Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Macy's Awakening by Pepper Anthony

Welcome back to this weeks Tantalizing Tuesday! This week we have Pepper Anthony and she's sharing with us an excerpt for her story Macy's Awakening.

I’ve always been fascinated with gothic romances, where a young governess 

and a brooding, middle aged lord fight their forbidden feelings for each other. I 

thought it would be fun to update that theme, so Macy’s Awakening is an erotic 

tale of what happens when a nineteen-year-old woman goes to stay with her 

middle-aged attorney. Neither of them are prepared to deal with their sizzling 

mutual attraction, but naïve Macy is certain that Jerrod is the perfect candidate 

to introduce her to the world of sex. When this book debuted in October 2011, 

it was an Amazon best seller. Enjoy this excerpt about Macy’s first night in 

Jerrod’s home.

~ Pepper

Jerrod let himself in the back door and stood for a moment in the dark kitchen, getting his bearings. He’d been doing just fine until Macy sat down on the bed and began to stroke the quilt. He’d barely been able to tear his gaze from her hand, remembering her firm grip, imagining what it would feel like for her to touch his body the way she was touching the quilt.

God! What the hell was wrong with him? How inappropriate could he get? To be having such thoughts about a client.

A young, trusting client.

His old friend’s daughter!


It had been too long since he’d been with a woman. That had to be the problem.

He thought back. His last date had been maybe five months before with

Jennifer, that cute librarian he’d met online. They had really hit it off over

dinner, and had a great time in the sack too. But he’d gotten wrapped up in

the Stevens case and had to cancel their next two dates. After that she quit

answering her cell when he called. He didn’t blame her.

Was it too late to mend that fence? He hoped not. It wouldn’t do to keep having

sexy thoughts about Chuck’s teenage daughter.

He flicked on the light and walked across the kitchen to the coffeemaker. As he

filled the carafe with cold water he felt Peter-the-cat begin to weave around his


“Hey, buddy,” he said. “We have a visitor. Be nice to her in the morning, will


He’d developed the habit of talking aloud to the cat as if the animal could

actually understand what he said. In return, Peter appeared to listen attentively.

They’d established this new rapport shortly after Arlene and Allie moved out

last year, leaving the cat behind. His growing attachment to Peter surprised

him; he’d never thought of himself as a cat person. But it sure as hell beat

talking to himself in the evenings.

He measured out the coffee and shoved the pot against the tile backsplash.

Then he took a clean mug from the cupboard and set it out where the girl would

find it. He checked to make sure there was half-and-half in the fridge and sugar

in the bowl. He imagined her coming in here in the morning, feeling a little bit

lost, and finding the familiar comforts of home laid out for her. It was the least

he could do.

He climbed the stairs to the master bedroom and undressed in the dark, then

went to the window overlooking the back yard and shoved it open to let in

the night air. The honeysuckle bush he’d planted for Arlene on their fifteenth

anniversary gave off its sweet, haunting perfume right below the window,

sending a stab of confusion and regret through him. He wished he understood

better what had happened between them. She had never given him a reason for

leaving that made any sense to him.

A sudden movement down in the yard caught his eye.

He jerked back from the window.

It was Macy. In the moonlight. Clothing optional.

Moving forward a hair’s breadth, he peeked around the edge of the casement.

With the lights off in his room, he realized she couldn’t see him. He grew

bolder. From this window, the screen of plantings that gave privacy three

quarters of the way around the hot tub didn’t block his view. He watched as she

lay back, motionless, her eyes closed and face upturned. The jets were turned

on, so the water swirled and coursed around her, revealing and then hiding her

naked breasts.

His cock jumped to attention.

Her breasts were on the small side, in keeping with the slender proportions

of her lithe little body, and her nipples were dark. Exposed to the water and

night air, they puckered sweetly; even from here he could see the tips were firm

and pointed. He licked his lips, imagining those nipples against his tongue,

imagining what her latte-colored skin might taste like.

Her hand moved languidly to one side, found the controls, and turned off the

jets. The water stilled, imitating a calm forest pool now, lighted from beneath.

The details of her lower body were indistinct, but through the slowing ripples

he could see how her waist nipped in and her hips flared. He could make out

the dark triangle where her thighs met her flat belly. His cock pulsed, got

harder. He put his hand there to still it. The next thing he knew he was rubbing

himself and staring at the girl’s naked breasts.

This was bad. Really bad.

Macy's Awakening

Can Macy and Jerrod overcome the differences in their age and race to find lasting love?

On Macy Wilson's first grown-up adventure to the big city, she inadvertently ends up in jail. Her father hires an old college friend, defense attorney Jerrod Preston, to get Macy out of trouble. Jerrod is more than willing to help out his buddy by representing the gorgeous young black woman, but finds he must first battle his intense attraction to her, especially when the judge puts Macy under his protective custody.

Still an innocent at the age of nineteen, Macy ignores the differences in their age and race and sees the opportunity to learn all about sex from the handsome older man. On her second night in his home, a naked midnight rendezvous at the hot tub proves too powerful for either to resist, and Macy is awakened to pleasure like nothing she could have imagined.

But the morning brings feelings of remorse on both their parts. Macy knows her father wouldn't approve, and Jerrod is convinced Macy should be with someone closer to her own age. They settle into an uneasy platonic relationship, both secretly longing for the love that now seems just beyond their grasp.

Then an unforeseen circumstance raises the stakes, and Macy must make the toughest decision of her life. When she lays claim to the man she can't forget, will Jerrod send her away, or dare to open his heart to love once more?

Content Warning: explicit sex