Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter - Aussie Style


I'm thinking, because I'm here in Australia, I'd introduce you to the Easter that I (and most of my friends) enjoy.
Now I have to admit to a fondness for chocolate eggs and bunnies - but there is a new trend here, which in about the last 10 years, has caught on... The Easter Bilby!

What is a bilby I hear you ask? It's a small creature (a little like a natural rat) and you can read more here.

But back to the topic at hand. For most states of Australia, Easter is a 4 day break from Good Friday until Easter Monday - where most businesses are closed. Tasmania does enjoy an extra day (Easter Tuesday) - something we discovered during our time in the island state!

Now, I'm just back from the market as I'm writing this blog - shopping on Easter Saturday is something I really don't enjoy. But for a moment just imagine aisles and aisles of chocolate (ohhh my hips!!) Hot Cross Buns (do you have them in America?) and rabbit ears.

We also celebrate Good Friday. Fish... More Fish and still more fish. The meal is prawns, deep fried crumbed calamari rings, chips and fish. (My husband particularly enjoys Barramundi and Flat Head, though Red Emperor and even Snapper have been on the menu!) I've popped a photo of this year's feast for you :)

Saturday is the day of madness - cleaning, shopping, and where necessary the kids have gone into work.  Come Saturday night, we relax and with a clean house usher the pets into the bedrooms for the night. (Don't want the cat taking a chomp out of the Easter Bunny!!)

In our house, it's a quiet day. A day of reflection and relaxation. (And maybe also for gluttony - by the kids of course.) It's family breakfast after checking out the contents of the easter nests (usually washing baskets filled with bedding). Then enjoying each others company.

Lunch in our house will be a roasted duck with copious vegetables, then hanging out with a movie.  Dinner is whatever we choose to make it and often light.

Monday, being the last day of our break, is the last clean up, getting ready for work and back to school for our youngest.  It's not the last break for us, but it is the last lengthy break in the year.  

I hope you have a wonderfully safe Easter and i'd love to learn more about your Easter. Do feel free to share!

 (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)


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  1. I've never heard of the Easter Bilby, but I found it very intriguing! All the talk of delicious food made me hungry :)