Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday's Hunk Du Jour

This week we celebrate one of fave shows that's in its last season, Being Human (Monday 8 pm Central!) A remake off a popular British show of the same name that was pretty great too! Aiden Waite aka American actor Sam Witwer is the Vampire in the supernatural trio of Boston roommates also consisting of Sally the ghost and Josh the Werewolf. Though I have to say, the Boston accent, which I sort of love, is missing :(
Height: 6'1
Age: 36
Roles: Vampire Aiden on Being Human
Marital Status: Has a g/f!

What's not to love about a man who may or may not have you for dinner? Makes him the ultimate bad boy right???

He's so totally, like, adorbs! I can't' believe guys like this come from my neighboring state of Illinois! COME TO MISSOURI!

And this is the spot where I fall speechless... YOWZERS

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