Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Arranged Love by Lacey Wolfe

Welcome back to Tantalizing Tuesday! I do hope you enjoy this fun blog segment. Today I am sharing a fun and sexy scene from Arranged Love.

Ryan grabbed a napkin from the stack and cleaned up the spot. He crumpled the paper and tossed it aside before picking up his cool mug and spinning around slightly on the stool. He’d been working on a new project at work and it wasn’t going the way he wanted it to. He was at that point where he wanted to start over. Somewhere along the way, something hadn’t been calculated correctly. He had a whole notebook of notes he needed to start looking over.

He took two big gulps then set the beverage down. A woman a few stools down caught his attention. She sucked on a bright pink straw, enjoying what he assumed to be a fruity drink with the fruit lining the cup. She must have sensed him watching her, because her gaze caught his and she smiled at him. Something about those lips intrigued him.

Maybe tonight he’d really let loose. Perhaps that’s what his brain needed. Ryan could take that woman back to his place, sink into her, and for an hour at least, his problems wouldn’t exist.
Sliding off the stool, he went over to her.

“Hi,” he said as he set his beer down next to her fruit concoction. “What’s a beautiful woman like yourself doing down here by herself?”

“Trying to forget that her parents run her life.”

He nodded, thinking of the ignored phone call from his mom. “I have a set of those too.”

“Oh, yeah?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

“I think it might be our parents’ job though.” He stared at her, taking her in. She wore her brown hair long and straight. She wasn’t the skinniest girl he’d ever seen, but her curves could definitely get his motors pumping. “What’s your name?”

She took a long drink before answering. “Ah, Tatiana.”

Tatiana? Why did he have a feeling that was a made up name? Perhaps that was best. Leave this anonymous. If he did get lucky, he knew it would be only for tonight.

“I’m Doug. It’s nice to meet you, Tatiana.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

He took a deep breath. He was never forward. He was usually an over-thinker, but staring at this woman in front of him, he decided that tonight he was ‘Doug’ and ‘Doug’ didn’t over think. He took life by the reins, and when something as hot and scrumptious as Tatiana was presented, he was going to take it.

“How about we go somewhere where we can get to know one another a little better,” he suggested nervously. She was going to laugh and turn him down flat; he just knew it.

Tatiana stared at him, chewing her bottom lip. Then she spoke. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Holy crap! She’d agreed. “G-Good. Let’s go.” He held a hand out to her.

She took it, her skin soft in his palm. “Where are we going?”

“It just so happens that my place is within walking distance. If you’d prefer though, we could—”

“Your place is fine.”

They left the bar, and Ryan hesitated a moment about leaving his car there, but figured it would be fine. He didn’t expect Tatiana to stay the night. They’d connect, have a little fun, and he’d send her on her way once he knew she was sober enough. At least, that’s how he thought it would go. He’d never done anything like this before.

At his condo, he unlocked the door. Pushing it open, he motioned for her to go inside first. Was this going to get awkward? Did they just go straight to his room?

She turned to him. “I don’t usually do this sorta thing.”

He was about to tell her that he didn’t either, but if he was going to keep up with this Doug shenanigan, then he was certain that Doug did. “So far you’re doing great. Can I get you anything to drink?”
She shook her head. Her breathing was quick.

Ryan walked over, slid his hand around to the back of her neck, tilted her head up with his thumb, and kissed her. She moaned and molded her body against his. As they kissed, he took the time to build up his courage. He had to get her from the living room to his bed. But damn, he didn’t want to stop kissing her. She was good, and his cock was ready to explode.

He lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her to his room and sat on the bed slowly. Tatiana broke the kiss and shoved him back onto the mattress.

“I don’t want a lot of foreplay. What I need is a thorough fuck. Got it?”


They think they're fooling their parents, but really, the joke's on them.

Kayla Ames's parents could win an award in meddling. Every time she turns around, they're setting her up with someone new. Try as she might, she can't convince them to butt out of her love life.

Ryan Newell isn't looking for love. After having his heart torn to shreds by his ex, he's determined to never again fall in love and leave himself that vulnerable to being hurt. His parents, however, believe he just needs some help finding the right woman, and their friends' daughter, Kayla, might be a perfect match.

Realizing they both have the same problem—parents who won't stop nagging them about finding a partner—Ryan and Kayla agree to an arrangement of sorts. All they have to do is pretend to date, and they don't even have to see each other, they can discuss the details of their "dates" via email. But then the email conversations lead to real dates, and Kayla finds herself struggling to keep her feelings for Ryan in check as he's made it clear love will not enter into the equation for him. Then Kayla's parents suddenly announce they're getting a divorce, and she begins to wonder if maybe Ryan has the right idea.

When it all gets to be too much for Kayla, she has a hard decision to make—agree to stay with Ryan and never experience love, or walk away for her chance to find it.

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