Saturday, March 29, 2014

Teaser from Caution: Filling is Hot

I thought it would be fun to post a teaser from Caution: Filling is Hot. Enjoy.

   Piper smiled. “That’s awesome. You’re going to feel right at home, but if you’re new to cooking, no worries, you’re in for a real treat. Tonight we’re going to make muffins and you’re going to see just how easy cooking can be. But here’s the most important rule, you should never cook without an adult around, okay?”

   Catching movement out of the corner of her eye, Piper turned and saw that Hot Stuff was back. He shifted on his stool to see around the woman in front of him and that was it. Their eyes locked and every thought in her head left on a coffee break without a backward shrug. Wonderful.

   Then he abruptly broke their connection, releasing Piper because, because there was a small girl tugging on his sleeve? No way. Yes, apparently, way. The girl cupped her mouth and whispered in his ear. He nodded back and was right in the middle of his reply when they both vanished, blocked by a woman with a spectacular perm seated in front of them.

   Piper gave herself a mental head slap. How did she manage to miss Mr. Marvelous on her way in? Wait a second, hold it. What was she doing? Duh! Class. Teaching. Focus.

   The delay cost her. Half a heartbeat later he leaned back into the aisle, located Piper, and reclaimed her attention. Caught like a fish on his hook, she tried to fight herself free without success. Not until he gave her a slow, intimate smile did she manage it, the annoyance that smile provoked finally snapping his line.

   Wrenching her eyes away, Piper skidded over the other heretofore unnoticed child at his table. Appalled by her lousy powers of observation, her face warmed another five degrees. She was out of control. Seriously out of control. It was intolerable. She wasn’t going to put up with this.

   So what if he’d brought along a pint-sized entourage? It didn’t change the fact she was there to do a job. Still, she couldn’t tamp down her resentment. The jerk was toast. Burnt toast! She should have known things would crap out tonight as soon as she broke the jar of applesauce. Talk about your bad omens.

   She needed to get a grip, take back the reins, and run the guy down. Mmm, not a bad fantasy actually. She wasn’t going to lose this power struggle. No way. Piper regulated her breathing and took a second to stretch her arms toward the floor, tightening her muscles and extending her fingers until even the skin burned. Only then did she trust herself to speak.
   With a stiff smile for her staring class, Piper returned to the job at hand. “Normally I’d simply demonstrate for you, but tonight we’re going to do something different. You’ll be working in teams and everyone will have a chance to participate. Now, I’d like someone from each station to come up and get the supplies you’ll need.”

   A murmur of voices filled the room and then each group dispatched someone to the counter to collect their boxes of ingredients.

   She tried to ignore her personal pest when he stood to come forward, but a nasty impulse took over when he got up there and Piper couldn’t help sneering, “What did you do? Rent a couple of kids for the night?”

   He turned, his eyes dancing with amusement, and smiled. “No, they’re mine.”

   Piper’s eyebrows scrambled up her forehead. Why did that news throw her? She stared after him as he walked back to his children, and then she did yet another unthinkable thing—she checked out his ass. Great idea! Why not just add an erratic heart rate to go with everything else?

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