Friday, March 28, 2014

Mother's Day Treat

Hi everyone and a very happy Friday!

On Sunday in the UK it's Mother's Day. So to all the lovely ladies out there...

 It's a day to show appreciation to my mum and say thank you for everything she does, and has done in the past for me. My mum and nana were the ones I owe thanks to for sharing their love of books with me. And it warms my heart when I see my own children reading. Hopefully book love will spread through future generations!

I often forget that Mother's Day applies to me too. A gift isn't important but I do love handmade cards or pictures from my children. I don't need a fuss, but a bit of family time and a good book to curl up make for a perfect day.

But I wouldn't be an author if I didn't have an active imagination. So...If Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead can visit and do my ironing that would be nice. If Brad Pitt happens to pop by and asks if I need a massage I shall let him. And if Ian Somerhalder wants to feed me chocolates and simply look hot as he feeds me his one-liners too, then that would be great.
See, it wouldn't be a bad day at all would it? ;-)

How ever you spend your Mother's Day have a good one. Feel free to share your idea of a perfect day!
~ Tracey

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