Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm Heeeeeeeerrrreeee

by Stephanie Beck

When I was growing up, my dad would always announce his presence with a creepy shout, letting us all know, he was, in face, here.

Well, I'm here now! My name is Stephanie Beck and I've been a Beachwalk Press author from the first day they opened their doors. I have several titles with them, including my bestselling Poppy's Place Series (Poppy's Passions, Poppy's Present, Poppy's Picnic, and Mary's Men).

I'm thrilled to be joining the Spicy Blog, trading Thursdays with the incomparable Ella Jade. I'm excited to share news about the writing world, my world, books and stories.

Ten Quick Facts about Stephanie Beck

1. I've been a published author for 4 years.
2. I have over 20 titles to my name (a mix of novels, novellas, and short stories).
3. My 3 kids make writing a challenge at time, but my husband is the time thief...and I totally let him.
4. I live in Minnesota--where we've broken the record for most days below zero degrees this year.
     (I feel that wins a vacation, for me, somewhere warm.)
5. My books with Beachwalk Press: Poppy's Passions, Mary's Men, David's Angel, Barely Dreaming,
     Super Love, Crypto Love.
6. I craft. A LOT. Knitting, crochet, wood working, sewing--if it is crafty, I'm up to making it. I also
     blog and Pinterest about my crafting (Follow me on Pinterest )
7. I like writing sexy stories, but have a pretty intense sense of humor. I find life funny and take as
     many opportunities as I can to insert humor. People need to laugh. It's good for the kidneys.
8. I spend entirely too much time on Facebook (follow me on FB ) but because of that, I often hear
     the cool news first (like new babies, new releases, new trips to the gym and what people are
     making for supper).
9. I am not a good cook, but I can do pretty awesome things in the baking world.
10. I love staying in touch with my readers! You can find out more about me at

I'm thrilled to be part of the Spicy blog, and just in time for the re-release of David's Angel (coming March 17th). I'll be hosting give-aways and am on the lookout for readers who would be interested in doing early reviews for this BDSM love story. Shoot me an email if that sounds like you!

All the best,
Stephanie Beck

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