Saturday, March 8, 2014

Aussie Fun!

Hi everyone - I'm new to the Spicin' It Up blog, but when I was chatting with the other Beachwalk Authors, we thought I might do something a little different. So here I am! (Yep I'm certainly different!!)

So who am I? I'm Imogene Nix - nutty author and bookseller :D In my spare time I have 2 daughters (but only one still at school) a husband and of course Super Pup! (My trusty sidekick)

I write Paranormal, Science fiction and generally any kind of hot romance that captures my attention.

To find our more about me though, I recommend visiting my website - and following me on Facebook  but now I have that out of the way, what was I going to chat about today??

Oh! That's right!

I was having a lovely chat with the gorgeous Pamela the other day about school and specifically the rules in Aussie Schools and it got me thinking...

Are there really so many differences?

It seems that there are. See I have a teenager in her last year of school (the last of my two) and she's chomping at the bit to be grown up. She wants to wear makeup and jewellery to school. In Australia, most schools actually ban the wearing of makeup and jewellery, just as they ban mobile (cellular) phones too.

They are only allowed to drive once they have their license and can only carry one non-family member in their car as well. And there is no in school parking.

All of these are "normal" over here, yet not in America. It's something I struggle a little to remember - particularly when writing about Australianisms.

When I wrote A Bar In Paris I had a heap of Australianisms which made sense to me, but may have to be adjusted for the overseas market. So here are a few:

  • Swag (sleeping roll - usually consisting of mattress and bedding)
  • Pull up a stump (grab a chair)
  • Geez (wow, gosh)
  • shout (no not yelling - when you buy a round of beers/drinks, we call it a shout)
  • chucking a Brenda (throwing a tantrum)
  • Cactus (as in it's dead - that machine is cactus)
  • Carked it (as in it's dead - the washing machine carked it!)
Anyway, I thought I might focus on things that we say/do differently over the next few blogs :D I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about 'Staylia" (Australia)

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The Plan

What happens when wrong and right collide amidst indescribable passion?

Jonah Fielding has been brought in to clean up the Department of Authority on Centauri. In the course of his work, he captures Kadie Frost, the young woman who managed to escape his sting operation. Kadie, an orphan, now almost destitute illegal parts runner, is shocked to find herself falling for the man who arrested her.

Jonah's world is one that Kadie doesn't understand and fears. When he offers her a deal, she agrees to help him with the investigation. Now they must fight an impossible attraction, find the bad guys, and along the way they'll even end up getting married…purely for the sake of the case, of course.

In the middle of upheaval they find themselves surprised by the scorching promise of passion while bewildered at how it all went awry. The clock is ticking and anything can happen next. Will they survive when work and pleasure collide?

Content Warning: This book contains a sexy, hot man in uniform and a wayward, hotheaded woman, as well as lots of adventure of the futuristic and bedroom variety.

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