Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Amber's Fantasy by Pepper Anthony

Welcome back to Tantalizing Tuesday! Today Pepper Anthony is sharing with us a teaser from her story Amber's Fantasy.


As the elevator doors whispered closed, Ray let his eyes slide over Amber’s

smokin’ body. It sure was a crime to hide all those lush curves beneath that plain gray suit. The jacket was so long it totally hid the sexy, rounded contours of her hips, and the skirt came almost to her knee. Only her perfect calves and ankles hinted that she had a great pair of legs that went all the way up.

He only knew that because he’d spotted her a month ago in a neighborhood grocery store on her day off. She’d been wearing a sweet little pair of shorts, and the sight of her had knocked the air out of him. She was with some beefy black guy and didn’t see him, so he didn’t say hello, just watched her from across the produce aisle.

Now, the stiff set of her shoulders reminded him that he wasn’t supposed to know anything about her long, shapely legs. And he definitely wasn’t supposed to remember the way her yellow tube top had molded to her big soft breasts, showing off to perfection
the warm, smooth color of her arms and shoulders. Today, her suit jacket concealed those considerable assets entirely. In the office, Amber Jackson was all business, and always dressed to keep it that way.

All right, since that’s how the lady always played it, he’d just pretend his jeans weren’t getting tight at the thought of backing her up into that corner and kissing her until she melted into his arms. Then he’d pull her close and introduce his hands to all those fine, womanly curves and—Ding. The elevator stopped on their floor and the door opened. She gave him a tight little smile and went ahead of him down the corridor. As he followed, his eyes straying to the feminine sway of her hips, he thought about the comments he’d heard
from the other guys at Crescent. So far, no one had succeeded in cracking Amber’s cool exterior. She didn’t date anyone from the office, regardless of race. She was known around the water cooler as the Ice Princess. But Ray didn’t think she was frigid or gay, as the other guys sometimes speculated. Or even that she was above dating white guys. He just figured she was paying serious attention to the company’s dating policy. He could respect that. If she wanted to get ahead in this corporation, she was wise not to fall into bed with any of the guys there.

But he had to admit, he was just as curious about what turned her on as the rest of them.


If you had the chance to act out your secret fantasy, would you dare?

Ray Ferris is the first person to discover Amber Jackson's naughty secret desires. While helping her move some boxes, he stumbles on her stash of erotic romances featuring ménages. Despite a strict company policy prohibiting co-workers from dating, Amber finds herself inexorably drawn to Ray. She's never been attracted to a white man before, but his intriguing invitation to actually have sex with two men at one time captivates her imagination. When the barriers to their relationship are swept away, will Amber have the courage to finally act out her forbidden fantasy? And if she does, will the experience open doors to a whole new world, or cost her a chance at true love?

Content Warning: contains scenes of explicit sexual activity

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