Friday, February 7, 2014

Life's little luxuries

When you read a lot of somebody’s work, you start to get a feel for the things they like, and the things they really hate, the things they have a bee in their bonnet about. I was reading a book recently and smiled when I saw something they’ve mentioned before. I’m pretty sure if I sent her this item as a gift she’d be over the moon. It got me thinking, especially as I’m working on a WIP that features a very lavish hotel, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is luxury too? I know it’s sparing no expense, but can it just something that is slightly better than our expectations?

You think of a posh celebration and champagne and caviar comes to mind. Now, I’m a lover of red wine, but champagne…meh, I can take it or leave it. Yet it’s always prominent in my books if I’m trying to create that extravagant vibe. Caviar, no thanks, I don’t think I could think of anything worse.

For me, at the moment, a treat is a bubble bath and a nice cup of tea, five minutes to myself. My friend is arranging a spa day for us, and to me that’s probably the most exciting thing that’s happened for a while, to her, it’s a weekly essential.

So when I’m creating characters (especially ones that are far richer than myself), half my time goes into really trying to get inside their heads and figuring out what would really be something special for them and what would just be the norm.

How about you, if somebody told you they were taking you away for a luxury weekend away, what type of thing would you expect or want?

Have a great weekend everybody, and if you get the chance, pamper yourself!

Emily x x

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  1. A full day of pampering. I'm talking facial, everything massaged, mani and pedi, the works. Sounds fantastic.