Friday, January 17, 2014

Ice Ice Baby!

Hey don't worry, this has nothing to do with the weather or the song!

Something that warms me up during a depressing January winter is the start of Dancing On Ice. Yes it's ice, but I want to talk about the people on the ice. In the UK this will be the last series of the show that makes me think I actually could ice dance like Jane Torvill. Let me assure you I can't. Stand up yes, but to actually dance? But still I hoped they would have a special edition of Mum's On Ice instead.

When I watch the professionals glide on the ice I can't help but dream of being lifted in the air, spun around as if I weighed no more than a bag of sugar. And all at a break neck speed. This dream isn't because of some yearning to take up a sport. Oh no! I mean just google Sylvain Longchambon and Matt Evers and you'll have some idea why. Those honed abs, strong arms, muscled thighs. *swoon* And have you checked out a skaters behind? Lush!

Warming up yet?

Also exciting me this year are the Winter Olympics. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the Olympics, but there's an extra dose of adrenaline involved in winter sports. Lycra encased muscles aside, isn't their something kind of (crazy) sexy about someone willingly launching themselves from the top of a hill? The snowboarder's - so cool!

So what heats you up in the bleak winter?

Have a wonderful Friday ~ Tracey

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