Friday, October 4, 2013

Whose fantasy?

Hi everybody, it’s Emily Wood here and from now on I’ll be blogging here every other Friday. Since Tracey introduced herself last week it’s probably not a bad idea if I do the same for those of you who don’t already know me. I live in Britain with two young and very busy children, I’m getting married next July and currently have no idea what my wedding is going to be like. Bridezilla I am definitely not. I’m far too disorganised to kick up too much of a fuss. My series is called Rags and Riches and there are three books available so far, and I hope there will be a fourth in the near future if I can just find some time to self-edit. You can find out more about my books here

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So now I’ve introduced myself, here’s a little thought for the weekend…

Whose fantasy is this?

What would be my ideal man? Tall, dark and handsome (I know, how original), intense dark eyes, and probably an accent, oh and it would be nice if he was rich too (I did say ideal after all). The thing is, if all of my heroes followed the formula for my fantasy man, my books could get pretty boring pretty quickly. So what is the most important thing about a hero? A good heart, essential for a happy ever after, a character that the reader can fall in love with every single time. Apart from that, I get to be creative, there are no limits to who my characters are going to be. And the best bit? I know that no two people’s interpretation of my hero will be exactly the same. I love the idea that every individual’s hero is just that, their own. Isn’t the imagination a wonderful thing?

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