Saturday, October 5, 2013

Make it hot, hot, hot

One thing I've learned about writing sensual romance is, I can go hotter. I used to think I was pushing the envelop in sex scenes. I bit my nails, worried about what I'd written, wondered if I was going to offend more genteel readers so I wiped out some pretty memorable passages. I'd love to recreate those now - if only I could.

If you're a writer, you know the agony and misery of never being able to get the words or scenes exactly right again. I've tried.  Believe me I've tried. Hindsight is a brutal mistress with black leather boots and a whip. She doesn't compromise. I'm learning not to second guess myself or suffer her punishment.

Let me tell you this. A cover can never be hot enough. Everyone appreciates a beautiful naked form - whether it be a man's or a woman's body. Though, I think heterosexual women aren't nearly as ashamed as hetero men to acknowledge that truth. I've unabashedly admitted to having a girl crush on Sofia Vergara. She's probably the reason - not the only one, I have others - I'm writing a lot of dark beauties lately. I'm attracted to them, male or female.

There's a little transference going on when we read something we love. We're very adept at putting ourselves in all kinds of positions - now, that's not what I meant you saucy things - I'm merely trying to say that we identify easily with fictional characters and readily experience what they go through. We feel their excitement, tension, lust, and yes, love.  We aren't shy about bonding with characters.

We want to be wooed, yes, but the modern woman isn't shy about wanting to be seduced too. Why should she be? We all have a sexual drive, only a woman's used to be considered bad. That notion is ridiculous. There is no shame in bonding and sharing something beautiful with another human being, whether it be for the long-term or simply for now. As long as we're responsible and mature, why not "Gather ye rosebuds as ye may," as Walt Whitman so eloquently put it. He'd probably turn over in his grave if he knew how I was using it to emancipate women and encourage them to embrace their sexy side.  Then again, maybe not.

Poets, authors, play writes, and philosophers were forced to couch their language in illusory prose and allegory. Those barriers have collapsed, at least in the west, and women are finally able to be true to themselves.

Maybe what those careful scribes were urging was what we're only now finally embracing. That moment in time where we let our hair down, throw off our glasses, and grab our man by the collar.

Seize the day, ladies. If you're a modern writer, pay attention to those quiet unassuming numbers and respond. Shhh.  Listen, what are they saying women want?

"Make it, hot, hot, hot."

I hear ya. Stay tuned.

- Tara Mills

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  1. Fantastic post for both women and men. Plus, Sofia is gorgeous, I totally agree.