Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday's Hunk Du Jour

Today we're celebrating a movie star other movie stars fangirl/boy over. Harrison Ford!
Age: 71
Height: 6'1
Roles: Han Solo, Indiana Jones. Basically anything he touches is gold.
Marital Status: Married with kids
How does that saying go? He's got snow on the roof but fire in the chimney? Okay, that's all wrong, but I'm still fangirling over the epicness of Harrison Ford. Seriously, sometimes hot goes well with gray hair and here's a man who proves it.

He brings into his roles his sense of humor and frankly I'm a slave to a man who can make me laugh.
It's Indiana Jones, 'nuff said.
This hard to read meme says: I meet the guy, and I was like "Oh my god, it's such a pleasure. I used to, um, I used to fantasize about you."
Yes, even the pure awesome that is Benedict Cumberbatch managed to stumble and blush in his presence during a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show. I was lucky enough to see it, and it was hilarious: both Benedict's comment and fast backtracking, and the way Harrison didn't bat an eye after a man says he fantasized about him.
Are you a Han Solo or Indiana Jones fan? I personally love the Indiana Jones series the best (save the last one, stupid Shia Lebouf ruins everything.)

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