Monday, October 28, 2013

Back To The Basic

I recently celebrated being published for two years. And of course, like most of us, what an anniversary date comes up, we stop and think about it. Evaluate what we've done, how things have changed, and how we can improve--oh and also which mistakes we've made.

One thing I am trying to do more of is interact with my readers. So I recently created a FAN GROUP for readers who've read me or might be interested in reading me can get to know me on a more personal level, I hope. I am really trying to open up. I'm a very closed off person, but I sometimes feel like that is holding me back as an author.

I've also been holding tons of giveaways lately. When authors first start out, they give out books to attract readers. I had kinda veered off from this to be honest. I very rarely gave anything away. And I realized two things: Give readers a choice on the book they want and see what my fans are interested in (this will help me know what I write that they like so I can write more). And it will attract new readers. *Smacks hand to forehead.*

Sometimes it's better to just go back to the basics. It's so easy to sit behind the computer and assume readers will find you. But with new authors on the scene everyday, it's easy to become forgotten. So as I enter into this next year of being published, I hope to accomplish a lot. I'm going to start putting myself out there more.

See ya soon!

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