Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday's Hunk Du Jour

This week's fangirl fix is Mr. Tom Hiddleston *pause for collective gasps of awe*
Height: 6'2
Age: 32
Marital Status: I think...I think he's single :D
Role: He has his own Loki Fandom, but he's had many fantastic roles.

Okay, I love the Marvel Studios films, but I admit I prefer Tom without the Goth hair. I do see the appeal though, because OMG IT'S TOM FREAKIN' HIDDLESTON YA'LL. He's the sort of guy that makes you want to fall to the floor and roll around like a cat high on catnip. (I use this metaphor after getting several of my cats high on catnip the other day--it's totally applicable.)

Uh, thanks for ensuring my perpetual bachelorettehood Tom...

Not only is he a tall drink of water (did I get that right? idk, who cares) he has that sexy British accent which would make him perfect for James Bond. HEAR ME, MOVIE MAKERS? You have your next Bond star. You're welcome.

Ok, there is much debate on who this amazing ass belongs to. Some say it's Tom's, others say it's Jensen Ackles. Good lord, who the bleep cares? Let's just enjoy it.
Tom has made it into my Top 3 which also includes Matt Smith, and despite his alien cat look, Benedict Cumberbatch. Look for posts on these two in the future btw--and I apologize in advance for Matt. He's my TV boyfriend, and I'm a teeny bit obsessed.

Broody Tom--I think my ovaries just exploded.
Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. Yes, that alien cat look is spot on! Love it for Cumberbatch!

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