Friday, October 18, 2013

Matchmaking, should you leave it for the books?

Happy Friday everybody! I hope you’ve all got a great weekend planned. Usually my weekends consist of reading, relaxing and family time. This weekend I’ll be at a friend’s wedding, so romance is definitely in the air.

Being a romance writer, I see potential love everywhere I turn. I’m a sucker for a happy ever after, and I’ve never felt it more than right now. In the next year, so many of my friends will be getting married, and as exciting as that is, it always leaves the inevitable few who haven’t met the love of their lives yet. For some people, that’s all very well and good, but some of you will understand the dreaded question that tends to come up when all your different friendship groups are thrown together at an event. Do you think you can give me so-and-so’s number?

Which brings me to my question for the weekend…should you ever play matchmaker for your friends? Or should you leave well alone?

Some of my favourite books feature couples that were set up by a friend. Sometimes you can’t help but feel like you know best, and feel like they’ll be perfect for each other, but I’ve learned to step back, and try not to meddle even when I’m itching to lock two people in a room together and see what happens. Things rarely go the way you’ve planned them in your head, and if things do go pear shaped, I hate the awkwardness that follows.

Still, I can’t help marrying people in my head, so I’d love to hear any stories of any successful romances that needed a bit of help to get started!

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