Saturday, October 19, 2013

Breaking my rules

My grandson has been staying with us since Tuesday. I knew I'd get very little done, writing-wise, while he's here. He's toddling around now and interested in everything. The oddest things seem to fascinate him. There is no keeping one step ahead of him. There is only damage control.

Kids can flummox routines, interfere with sleep, and gum up the romantic juices. Their needs come first so everything else gets shunted aside. This is why I've long thought kids, particularly babies don't belong in a romance novel. I'm not particularly enthralled by impish cuties or precocious tots. That's not the relationship I want to focus on in a love story.

Why am I telling you this? Because I broke my own rule, that's why. One day, I heard about a young mother killed in a car crash during morning rush hour. That was all it took. My mind immediately went to her poor husband and what he was about to face alone. With no forewarning, this man was suddenly a grief-stricken widower and single parent. All his plans and imaginings of their perfect future together were gone in a puff of smoke and twisted metal on that freeway. It only takes a minute to unmake a good man.

I found his story so compelling, I had to write it. Not only that, having been robbed of his happily-ever-after, through no fault of his own, I wanted to right that wrong and give him another shot at happiness and love.

This is how Chad Thomas was born. I didn't make it easy on him of course. There's always bumps in the road to love. His road more than most. But he's a very deserving fellow, not to mention easy on the eyes, which explains the title. His relationship with, and the insight he gets from his kids along the way actually added something wonderful and rich to his pursuit of the heroine, Piper Frost.

Caution: Filling is Hot was one of my earliest stories and remains one of my favorites. I truly bonded with these characters.

I'm delighted to announce, Caution: Filling is Hot will be coming from Beachwalk Press in 2014. I'll explain more about this upcoming title in future posts, but for now, I simply wanted to share my good news.

- Tara Mills

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