Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday's Hunk Du Jour

Because sometimes you need a little motivation to finish out the week...
Babe's, let's step into one of my fandoms, Supernatural, and meet one half of the Winchester duo Dean Winchester aka Jensen Ackles. 
Height: 6'1
Age: 35
Role: Supernatural's Dean Winchester
Marital Status: Married w/kids (sorry y'all!)
Dean and Sam Winchester

Anyone who is familar with the show knows the cultish fandom it inspires. For good reason, these two love their fans and humor them to no end at Supernatural conventions. Hamming it up for cameras, posing with adoring fans, and even suffering through bad Wincest fanfic.

Dean and Castiel
I met the show on Netflix last winter, and I did the whole "watching 7 seasons in 3 days" thing Netflix addicts are notorious for. How did I NOT start watching this in '05?! It's disturbing. They were my intro in fangirling (sorry Doctor Who I still love you best.)
I invite everyone into the Supernatural family. If you're a fan of hot guys, paranormal chaos, and bamf'ing fangirling (and fanboying) join me. JOIN ME. There's always room for one more ;)


  1. I DID start watching this on 05!!!! And then they added Castiel cos Sam and Dean weren't eye candy enough!!!!!! And yes there is plenty of Wincest, Destiel and J2 fiction out there to keep you happy between seasons *happy sigh*

    1. Yes, Destiel lol I am so in love with Castiel and his awkwardness angelness, I'll be featuring him in a later post ;)