Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rainy Days

(I don't have a pic of the Gasconade River near me, but it looks a lot like this. It's a beautiful area with high bluffs on one side. )

Two weeks back I spaced on my Wednesday blog post. Sorry peeps! The non-stop rain and flooding held most of my attention, and frankly left me glum and forgetful. Luckily, I live on a hill so the nearby Gasconade River couldn't reach me (if it HAD I'd say there would've been some major ark building and animals lining up two by two!) Many nearby communities weren't so fortunate and had to evacuate their entire towns.

My mother and I did have an interesting experience, though. We decided to walk to the river to see how high it'd crested along our county road. We stood maybe 1/8 mile back from where the Gasconade had swallowed the road, in case it was still rising. The smart thing to do, right? We chatted a bit then headed back. I paused after about thirty seconds, realizing the water rushing in the ditches sounded MUCH louder than it had on the walk down. We both turned, and the river was literally coming up behind us, already over the spot we'd stood and talked. Apparently there'd been a big surge of water come down, and needless to say, there was some impressive speed walking there after. My seventy year old mom can move fast when need be! The way back is a decent incline so we didn't have far to go to be safe. *phew*

The moral of this story is be careful around flood waters!

Sorry for the preachy post, I promise something chipper and perhaps a bit cheeky next week ;)

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