Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday Tips - My books done, now what?

Welcome to Tuesday Tips! This is a weekly segment where some of the wonderful Beachwalk Press authors share some tips.

Today I thought I's share some tips for those who have a book they are working on or finished, and wondering what to do next.

  • Read it again! Put about a week between each read through of your own story, and be sure to read something else during that time to get the current manuscript out of your head. The key is for the manuscript to feel fresh when you read it to catch things you've missed.
  • Get a beta read: So you've read it more times than you want and you never want to read it again. Send it to someone you trust and will be honest with you. Someone who will find some loopholes. Be ready for criticism and don't get mad at that person about it.
  • Read it again! LOL - did you think this was over? Just hear me out. Send the story to your ereader, go lounge somewhere and read your story. Just have a note pad ready. Seeing your story in a different light will help you catch things also. Your story will read different.
  • Now, start to research publishers and when you find one you like, take a look at their submission guidelines and begin the process to submitting.
Good luck! Got a tip to share? I'd love to hear it!

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