Saturday, July 6, 2013

Trunks have it, hands down!

I thought I'd share what I've learned from my mini-poll about swim suits.  Guys, the ladies all prefer trunks. Hands down.  They'd prefer to see this --

rather than this.  

For the ladies, one pieces and tankini's seem to be the most popular. I prefer a tankini myself so I'm in good company.

Now, in case you haven't weighed in on the matter, there's still plenty of time. Simply pop over to any of the participating blogs, heck, start with mine, and tell me what you prefer to wear when you take a dip.

Why should you? Because, there are prizes at stake!  You don't want to miss that!  We're celebrating Beachwalk Press's birthday and there's great reading and gift cards, not to mention a Kindle Paperwhite up for grabs -- but you have to participate to play. What are you waiting for?

Just follow this link, Love on the Beach Blog Hop & Giveaway and join in the fun!

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