Monday, May 27, 2013

Writing contemporary and erotic.

Contemporary or erotic? How to decide?

I write both types of romance. I started my career as an erotic romance author, but deep down knew that wasn't the genre I wanted to stay in. I wanted to move more into the contemporary genre. Most of my 2012 releases were erotic romances at novella length, that I consider just perfect to get your motor running. So far, most of 2013 are contemporary romances and longer.

So does that mean I'm done with erotic? Heck no! My current work in progress, Arranged Love, is an erotic romance. I expect it to hit shelves hopefully early 2014. So does that mean 2014 will be an erotic romance year? I have no idea.

Some might wonder how I decide when I sit down which to write: erotic or contemporary. Before I begin any story, I decide what publisher this is for. If its a publisher I am established with, then I already know their guidelines on how hot or sweet it can get. I then determine how much heat the book needs so hopefully my editor will give the thumbs up.

I then think about the story line and what works best. The one I am working on right now, Arranged Love, starts with the hero/heroine using fake names and having a one night stand. I won't tell much more -- just know their are meddling parents who insist on setting their kids up. You might have an idea where it's going. *wink wink*. The book starts with sex. Hot and heavy. Well, it's gotta stay that way. I can't then begin a romance like that and then close the door on my readers. I don't think they'd be too happy.

I use the same pen name for each genre. I had debated for awhile to do this or not. I chatted with several author who wrote contemporary and erotic. Some had one pen name, some had others. But in the end, I wanted my pen name. I've got my website set up as easy as possible. The main page you  have your choice. You can click erotic romance or  contemporary romance.

My goal as an author is to have something for everyone. Perhaps one day I'll even dabble in a little western romance or paranormal. When it comes to writing, the sky's the limit!

See ya again!


  1. The short I'm writing right now was supposed to be erotic but I can't seem to manage it. I've done nothing but throw obstacles in their way. Laugh. Still love it but had to re-categorize the silly thing.

    1. Sometimes our characters have their own minds. :)