Saturday, May 25, 2013

Did you ever imagine?

I was always interested in and curious about boys and they seemed just as curious about me. Still, for all the hand holding, bashful smiles, and pretend weddings, I was a rather innocent little girl.

Sometimes I can't resist looking back at my childhood. I wonder what my seven-year-old self thought happened in a real marriage. I remember being pushed toward the play house, still clutching my dandelion bouquet, as the older kids laughed and told us it was time to go on honeymoon. Closed in with my new 'husband', I remember my confusion. Was I supposed to start cooking something? What was everyone expecting of me?

I know what I wanted from my groom.

"Check for spiders."

Yep. That was a big concern of mine.

Now, decades later, I'm happily settled in a real marriage and understand and appreciate all that marriage entails. I also know, without a doubt, what I want from my husband -- and spiders rarely make the list. But I like to ask him things. Very personal things. When did you start thinking about this? When did you first do that? Do you remember? Who was your first crush? Who got your first kiss? Did you get married and play house when you were little, too?

If we'd met as children, would we have seen our future staring back at us when we looked at each other? Would his kiss have meant something even then?

I have a feeling it might have. But then, that's the romantic in me.

-Tara Mills

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  1. Aw what a lovely post! When I was younger I used to climb trees and build gang huts with the boys (yes, I was a tom boy!). There were no thoughts of marriage or babies. My grandparents always bought me dolls and me and my boys would use them as dead bodies in army games. Yes, the twisted minds of ten year olds is a scary thing...