Friday, April 5, 2013

Busy, busy, busy.

Yep. That’s me lately. I have a release today, and two next month, I’m writing two books for two different series and a contemporary thrown in, then four kids under seven and I’m going a bit crazy.

 You ever see those mothers that drop their kids off to school in their PJs, yeah well that’s me. You know the one that has bags under her eyes and her hair looks like a nest, yep me again. Now don’t assume I don’t care, because I do. Trust me, If I didn’t care my kids would walk to the bus stop by themselves to get to school in the morning, and I would shove my younger ones in front of the TV. But no, I drive them after I triple check they have their lunch, recess, homework, reader and checked their bags for jumpers or hidden toys. 
 Once older children are at school, I sit and play games with my two, and four year old. At the moment they both love snap and memory, or my two year old loves the shape game.  We also love snakes and ladders and a couple of others. Our games usually end in tears as one of them won more than the other, or some silly reason. 
If any mother has a boys game I can play with a two and four year old, that doesn’t end in them trying to hit or yell at each other, I’m all ears.
So lunch, and this is where I get dressed and so on, try to look presentable, and by the time I clean up the bomb that explodes (toys everywhere) as soon as I’m not with my two youngest. It’s time to pick up older two now. 
My hubby always say, “why on earth does it take you that long to pick the kids up from school?” 

My reply. “It’s my only other adult conversation for the day.” So, home I came after chatting with friends for half an hour. Then tell kids at least 20 times to get out of uniforms. By the time that’s done its homework time. Okay, I don’t Know how much homework you have in America, but in a Australia my kids seem to have a mountain for year 1 and 2. First we start with spelling words, then a homework sheet, and lastly the 20 to 25 page, or pages of a book. Once I’ve done this with two children its dinner time.  Lastly, shower or bath, then bed.

Finally, I sit down and tell myself I’m going to write, but first I’ll just check Facebook and some blogs, then a couple of hours later, I’m only getting to write for an hour or so.  Then my day starts all again.
 All I can say is I bow down to working mothers, any mothers of any sort. Thank you for all you do.

Hazel gower


  1. I don't have kids but my bff has a toddler. She's super excited when she gets to shower these days lol

  2. Thanks Olivia. That sounds abot right.

  3. You're doing a great job. Keep it tp! :)

  4. Love that cartoon you added at the end! It's perfect! LOL