Saturday, April 6, 2013

Abusing my Thesaurus

I've learned a few things about myself over the years. One is that I'm still prone to daydreams, even if the content of those dreams has changed. The second is that I haven't outgrown my childish amusement and fascination with looking up dirty words and acts in my thesaurus. I'm as bad as a twelve year old boy!

Writers need reference books at the ready. They can keep us on the straight and narrow or send us right on into kink. I'm astonished at what my thesaurus includes. No holds barred.  I appreciate that. You never know what a scene might call for.

In truth, I was the quiet, innocent kid in every group. My friends kept me at arm's length when there was titillating whispering going on. I was everyone's little sister and oh how they loved to tease and torture me, but ultimately leave me in ignorance for my own protection.  I can still remember my impatience when no one would tell me what sixty-nine was. Oh, the laughter.  Is it any wonder I'm making up for it now?

So I have fun looking things up, running questionable sentences or descriptions past my husband, and wondering if I've gone too far.  I'm actually quite proud of my steamy scenes. I'd love to share them with a couple of those patronizing friends from my teens. I wonder if they'd be speechless?

It's fun to imagine that too.

- Tara Mills

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  1. I always have the thesaurus tab open on my browser when editing. Its a MUST! :)

    And I bet your friends would be speechless! :)