Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Tips!

Hello everybody! My name is Emily Wood and for those of you who don’t know, I am a lover of all things nail artsy, so today my tips are all about getting really cute nails from home.

Tip #1
Moisturize regularly. Hands that look well looked after are half the battle, but you can save money by using a little bit of olive oil as a natural substitute for expensive hand creams.

Tip #2 
Get a good basecoat for your nails. It might seem like an unnecessary expense but it will make it easier to get your polishes off and it will prevent your nails from getting stained.

Tip #3
 If you’re doing a French manicure, the trick to get a perfect tip is to do one clean brush stroke across the tip of your nail. I love experimenting with different colours, it’s a great way to keep the look classy but fun J

Tip #4
In the mood to experiment? If you feel like doing something special with your nails, there are some really easy ways to jazz up your look. Try the dip dyed look using two of your favourite nail polishes and a make-up sponge. Take your first colour, paint on one coat and leave it to dry completely. Take your second polish and apply a little bit to the edge of the make-up sponge and then sweep it up your nail from the tip towards the cuticle, and the second colour will fade into the first. Easy, adventurous looking nails.

Tip #5
My types of nail art can be created using different a few different polishes and a cocktail stick! Take your first colour and paint two coats, let them dry and then simply use the cocktail stick as your paintbrush, dip it in the polishes and draw some cute flowers, or whatever you want on your nails. Use it as a dotting tool by getting just a drop on the sharp edge and then dotting along in lines until the polish runs out.   
Thank you all for reading and I hope you've enjoyed today's tips!
Emily x

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  1. Your nails are gorgeous! So jealous. :) Great tips!