Thursday, March 21, 2013

Creating Savannah from Southern Embrace

Savannah Clark my heroine in Southern Embrace has been by far my most favorite to create. Writing some of the scenes for Van broke my heart and made me cry. Sometimes in life we all have to endure pain so when something wonderful happens we can embrace and cherish it!

The emotional journey that Savannah goes on in Southern Embrace helps her to find strength within herself and move on from all the pain in her past.   

In the Prologue Savannah (Van as her best friend calls her) is turning 20 and still devastated about her first love Lance moving after high school and cutting all ties with her. Her best friend Nikki steps in and forces her to go out with the girls one night. That night everything changes for Van.

As you well know life is hard and throws you a curve ball just when you think everything is perfect. At Twenty-three her husband is taken from her in a tragic accident and she’s consumed with grief.
Can a chance meeting with her first Lance love help Savannah mend her grieving heart?

from Beachwalk Press!

See in two weeks when I introduce you to Lane.


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