Sunday, November 4, 2012

Part two

His Holiday Lifesaver
By Hazel Gower
Just her luck to be saved by the hottest man she had ever seen. He was tall, just over six feet, which compared to her five two was big. He had short blond hair and the most stunning blue eyes. His skin was perfectly tanned, and not bottled tan, but a real suntan. She tried not to stare at his six pack, but it was hard not to. She didn’t even know bodies like that really existed outside of the movies and photo shots. Hailey told herself not to sigh or fan herself, but if this was what all Australian men looked like then she would have to find a way to move here indefinitely.
Hailey stared at Brad as she waited for his answer, trying not to go red at his blatant staring at her. “Is your silence a yes?” she asked.
He shook his head and grabbed her arm and started walking through the caves. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’ve finished working for the day, so I’ll sit with you for a while to make sure you’re okay.”
She turned to look at him and embarrassed herself more when she tripped walking up the beach. He grabbed her and pulled her up against him. She gulped. “Oh no, please, you don’t have to—”
He cut her off before she could finish. “I want to. I need to make sure you’re all right.”
She nodded as he tucked some of her hair behind her ear that had escaped her bun. An involuntary shiver racked through her at his touch and he hugged her closer to him as they walked. They took a seat at a picnic table just before the car park.
She gave him a shy smile. “Thanks. I do appreciate you being so nice, and thanks for saving me, I can’t swim.”
Shocked, he stared at her in bewilderment. “What! Then why on earth were you walking across slippery rock pools?”
“Well, in England you don’t really go swimming at the beach. It’s too cold, and there are only pools, so I never really saw the necessity to learn.” She shrugged. “And for the last few years I’ve been too busy looking after my mother. She had cancer and died a month and a half ago. I came here because she always wanted to go to Australia. One of her friends had been and came here to Caves Beach. She came home to England raving about this place, the rock pools, and the beautiful beaches. Mum and I were saving to go once I finished college, but she got sick, so all our savings went to trying to get her better.” Her heart ached at the thought of her mother and what the disease had done to her. She took a deep breath and fought back the tears that threatened to escape. “It had always been just me and Mum, and she always looked after me, so when she got sick I changed to part time college and got a job to help out with expenses. I came here because Mum wanted to be spread over a warm ocean and she also wanted to come here. But I couldn’t do it.” She laughed, a hollow sound. “I’m actually thankful to that wave, as now that is where she is.”
“Ah, that was that vase you were holding?”
She turned so she fully faced him. “Yes. Thanks for letting me get all that out. You can go now, I feel a lot better. I’m going to walk back to the Swansea motor inn.”
“No, you just drowned, you cannot walk that far. Come on, I’ll give you a lift. I drove today, because I knew it would be busy and I’d be too tired to walk home afterward.”
Brad pulled her up and started walking to his car before she had a chance to answer. They walked to a very expensive car, a Porsche it stated on the bonnet. She stared at Brad. “I can’t get in that. I’m still wet. I don’t even have a towel.”
He opened the passenger door and almost shoved her inside. “It has leather seats, and we’re not going far.”
Hailey dared not move as she sat in the fancy car that probably cost more than her apartment and car together. Turning her head, she watched him get into the car. His stomach muscles rippled as he slid into the seat. She bit her tongue to hold in her groan, then sighed when she looked down and noticed the sand covering her feet. “I’m getting sand everywhere.”
“It’s okay, I’m covered in sand too. So, Hailey, did you come to Australia all by yourself? No boyfriend or girlfriend came with you?”
She stared at him, unsure what to say. But he didn’t look like an axe murder or a rapist, he just looked gorgeous and way out of her league. Shrugging, she answered, “No, I came by myself. No boyfriend. Any spare time I had during the last four years were spent working, studying, and looking after my mum.”
“So you have no one to spend Christmas with?”
“No, I’m going to read a book and go to bed. That way tomorrow I’ll be ready for a day of exploring. I’m only here for three weeks so I want to see as much as possible.”
To be continued……..
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 On a positive note isn’t the cover for Kane’s mate hot 
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