Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hazel’s first blog from down under

 G’day from down under
 I hope you all have had fantastic week. My name is Hazel Gower, and I live in a coastal town in NSW Australia. I am new to Beachwalk press. My first release ‘Kane’s mate  Armageddon mates book 1’ will be out march 2013. I hope you check out my website:  and like me on .
 I will be a guest here for the next five weeks, posting my Christmas story called ‘His Holiday Lifesaver’ here is the blurb:
Brad isn’t looking forward to Christmas dinner with his family as they are always trying to set him up with women.
This year he has a plan involving Hailey, a female tourist he rescued at the beach, posing as his girlfriend, for the next couple of weeks.
The only problem with this plan is he didn’t expect to fall in love with her.
 I hope you tune in next Saturday for my first instalment, and make sure you don’t miss
 Pepper Anthony - title is Positively Holly - posting on Mondays at  (Initial post October 22nd)

Here are some pictures of the beach that ‘His Holiday Lifesaver’ is set.

I'm very lucky to live somewhere so beautiful

Lastly I would like you to meet Kane, my alpha werewolf from Kane's mate

Next week I will introduce Faith. Have a wonderful week, and don’t forget to check out the other Beachwalk babes blogs.


  1. Hi Hazel! Waving the Aussie flag here!! Can't wait for your release and yes Kane is an amazing looking specimen too :)

  2. Great post. Your Christmas Story sounds great! And 'down under' looks beautiful!

  3. Great post! Can't wait to start reading your story.

  4. Thanks for sharing! You know I'm going to come visit you now, right???

  5. Hi Hazel, your story sounds great, looking forward to reading it. We are lucky living in a country with such spectacular scenery. Kane's not bad either;)

  6. Very enticing. I love your photos of the beaches too.

  7. Your christmas story and Kane's mate sound brill, can't wait to read them! And I second Jaye, you know I'm going to come visit too right? :o)

  8. Thanks Aimee. I hope you all do get to come to Australia

  9. Love the beach photos! Very beautiful there!