Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Party Like a Sex Demon

For those of you who don't know me my name is Jaye Shields and Monday was the release of my very first publication,, Confessions of a Sex Demon. Monday was a whirlwind of excitement, interviews, and great reviews. The night was capped by a party thrown by my aunt complete with a book cover cake and a giant plaque the said, "Tap into your sex demon with local erotica author, Jaye Shields."

Fun stuff. Here's a glimpse while I was still sober. ;)

The rest of the pictures I can not post because they would probably come back to haunt me. Let's just say that two shots of German Chocolate Cake did me in and I had to
be carried out and up a flight of stairs to my apartment.
The good news: I did not have a hangover the next day!
Confessions of an Erotica Author: I didn't actually drink that much, I'm just a lightweight
The moral of the story, when your very first book comes out, ya just gotta party like a sex demon ;)
XOXO Jaye Shields
P.S. Did I mention you can buy my book now??


  1. Already did sweetie.

    Hon, I'm thinking you should steer clear of Scotland. It ain't a good party till you're in a ditch in a foreign country the next day wondering how the hell you got there. < My release day fantasy LOL

  2. Lol. My fellow partiers ensured I ended up in a bed, not a ditch thank goodness! ;)

  3. Love those pics, Jaye!

    And Aimee--now on your release day (which is coming soon), I'll be asking if you woke up in a ditch in a foreign country, lol.