Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some news...

Since I returned to Scotland after my holiday, things have been absolutely crazy. I’m at the point I’m seriously considering booking the next flight out of Scotland and jetting off to the sun somewhere, sans computer and phone.

But it hasn’t all been bad. Those weeks, regardless  how stressful, have been worth it.

I’ve been working with an editor at Mills & Boon for a while, trying to outline a whole category into a one page synopsis. No shit. I received an email from her a fortnight ago saying she was getting around to reading my synopsis that weekend. But I had a major oops moment. I hadn’t started the story. So, off I went like a mad woman writing the first three chapters in a complete panic, just in case she asked for it. Unfortunately, the story wasn’t quite right. She asked me to show her something different and unique and where she liked some aspects of the story, some parts just weren’t working. Bit disappointing, but I went on and revamped the synopsis, focusing on the internal conflict, character motivations and keeping it category with a twist.

The good news? I got an email last week asking for the partial. I can’t use the old one, the story is way too different, but I’m excited and relieved that I have the foundations of the story right at last! I’ve just finished the revised chapters and hope to get it away by next Monday.

Plus, on top of re-writing partials and crazy length synopsis’, I’ve been working on book 2 in my Price of Fame series. In Lanzarote, I had a major Eureka moment. I had to re-write most of what I’d done so far, but it makes the story so much better and I’m really starting to feel it now. I’m hoping to be able to send it to my editor in the next few weeks for her verdict :o)

Then there’s the day job. We’ve been swamped. Feel like pulling my hair out some days, but again, not all bad, I love my job really.

So, what’s everyone else got on at the mo? And any ideas on how to juggle several stories and a day job are more than welcome!



  1. Congrats and take a deep breath!

  2. Enjoy the journey, my love. Good things are coming