Monday, July 9, 2012

Getting organized

I've always been an organized person. Typically I don't fall behind and I know what is going on. Well, then March 1st...everything changed. My house went on the market, a week later it was under contract. The scramble to find a new home started...finally offer number four on different homes almost two months later, we have a home. But then, it wasn't that easy. Our home was closed on sooner then we anticipated, so we had to move in with my parents for over a month. And finally, at the end of June, I am in my home again. But now...I have years and years of accumulated stuff to unpack. Ick!

Now the above really wasn't to bad. What I am having a hard time with is the lack of organization. Boxes here and there. Stuff on the counter that doesn't belong there. Oh...and not meeting my deadline I set for myself with Opposites Attract (Hot Bods 4). I really wanted my series to be complete this year. But, life happens and things change I guess. I am halfway through...have been since April. I am hoping to work on it this week. My office is almost set up and I decided, the rest of the house can wait. Francesca and Randy's story can be told! The boxes can long as I don't see the house, I won't stress.

Happy Monday! I hope this week is wonderful where ever you are. Or maybe this hunk will make your Monday better.

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