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Sacred Sands - Part Deux

Another Glimpse into Beachwalk Press' Upcoming Anthology

Over the next couple weeks, the At the Beach Anthology Tour will give readers a glimpse into the free anthology. This past Wednesday, I posted the beginning to the short story that will be featured in the next free anthology from Beachwalk Press. When I left off last week, things were just about to get hot...

Are you ready for the next 900 words of Sacred Sands, an erotic urban fantasy?
Archaeologist Anna Kroskouriaff is about to discover that some ancient myths are, in fact, real. A sensual God from Greek’s past is about to prove it to her. And then some.
Warning: Flaming hot Greek God on Human Female sex…

Sacred Sands continued...
A short by Jaye Shields

He continued toward her through the water, more and more of his body becoming exposed. Anna’s heart stopped as she watched a long hard body slowly revealed. Shadows framed deep cuts of muscle into his torso. The man rivaled some of the statues she’d discovered in her digs. He was perfect.

Yep, heat stroke was a bitch.

Anna shook her head, hoping to knock some sense into her.

I just need some water.

“I’m glad you have come. I have been long without company.” The sensual walking statue spoke to her. He stepped onto the sand, fully naked before her eyes. His manhood was very, very real, but big enough to make her doubt her sanity once more.

Her jaw dropped at the mouthwatering image. “Best. Mirage. Ever.”

He continued forward, his length hardening before her eyes.

“I’m Anna Kroskouriaff, 34 years old, I live in New Mexico,’ she muttered to herself, testing her consciousness.

“I care not your name or years or village; only that you have come.” Large wet hands gripped the sides of her stomach and brought her close. She could smell the sea on his skin and the Greek dream before her seemed very real. He squeezed the curves of her hips.

Finally, someone makes good use of my love handles. Anna giggled. Okay, officially reached delirious status.

“I am Charybdos, the God of Whirlpools. This is my sacred beach. It has been long since a priestess was brought to me. I must say... It has been worth the wait.” Greek, turquoise eyes looked deeply into her own before sliding down the length of her body.

“Charybdis was a goddess.” Not a stunning male like the one before her.

His mouth curved into a lustful smile, and his eyes told her that he’d seen right through her ugly shorts, and knew what every inch of her body looked like. “I am her brother.” Heat seeped between her legs, and finally, the exhaustion of the hike caused her knees to buckle.

“I have this effect on maidens in my human form.” His voice was thick, husky, and sexy as hell. He swept her up into his arms and carried her closer to the water.

Anna’s body became a feather in his arms. Of course, in dreamland who’s going to weigh 145 pounds? But the fingers clutching her body tightly were real enough. He laid her on the soft sand, the imprints of his fingers on her skin lingered, a subtle pain where he’d gripped her.

“You are a beautiful tribute.” His body knelt beside her, but she closed her eyes. Not Real. His hands went to her breasts and squeezed gently. The sensation came as a shock, and Anna moaned and opened her eyes.


She tried to get up, but he pushed her back down. The sand became her mattress, still warm from hours of sun. As the sky darkened, the sensual stranger looked all the more intimidating, in a love-to-jump-his-bones kind of way.

The stranger claiming to be Charybdos pulled her shirt up over her head. The sweaty, dirt stained t-shirt was flung aside, and the evening air brushed against her skin. Her nipples hardened and heat flooded Anna’s cheeks. Yet she didn’t protest, instead, She let him capture her nipple in his eager mouth. His warm tongue washed against her skin. Anna moaned when his teeth grazed her sensitive peaks.

He toyed with her, suckling her breasts and squeezing. His hands moved lower, tracing the hourglass shape of her body. His mouth left her nipple only to trace kisses lower.

Her body filled with electricity, hot currents blasting through her as her arousal reached near its peak. “Oh god.”

“Yes, I am. I know that you do not worship the Gods, modern woman, but today, you will.”

The sensual warning took Anna to a whole new level of arousal. Her body melted against the sand and she became a willing slave to whatever the stranger had in store for her.

His hands went to the drawstring of her shorts, and he removed them from her with a strong tug. She’d all but forgotten about her white granny panties, but luckily, he tore those off along with the shorts and never even saw them. Instead, she was immediately exposed.

“I have not tasted a woman in many years.”

“Oh, no! Don’t taste me. No tasting!” Anna lurched up in the sand. If this was real and not just a hallucination, she needed a damn shower. His hand went to grip her and bring her back down, but she dodged it. Anna looked around, but saw only miles and miles of sand and ocean. His hand went to her once more but she evaded his grasp and ran toward the water.

Leaping into the ocean, she let the cool water splash against her naked body. The thrill of the waves against her skin made her laugh. The “God of Whirlpools” was right behind her, entering the water with a grin on his face.

“So we enter my realm, then? I approve.”

He swept Anna into his arms and waded deeper. His hands squeezed her flesh, as if he savored the feel of her skin against his. Her curves filled his grasp and Anna became weightless in his strong arms. The man was a walking statue. Make that a sinking statue. Charybdos kept walking until the water reached his neck.

“Hold your breath, priestess.”
To be continued...Don't forget to follow the trail of blogs and return for more. Things were just about to get hot...

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