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Sacred Sands - The Happy Ending ;)

Another Glimpse into Beachwalk Press' Upcoming Anthology

The At the Beach Anthology Blog Tour will give readers a glimpse into the free anthology. So far the stories have been rolling in and they are HOT! The past two weeks I posted the beginning of the short story that will be featured in the next free anthology from Beachwalk Press. When I left off last week, things were just about to get even hotter...

Are you ready for the next 900 words of Sacred Sands, an erotic urban fantasy?

Archaeologist Anna Kroskouriaff is about to discover that some ancient myths are, in fact, real. A sensual God from Greek’s past is about to prove it to her. And then some.

Warning: Flaming hot Greek God on Human Female sex…

Sacred Sands continued...

A short by Jaye Shields
“Hold your breath, priestess.”

“Priestess?” The water sloshed against her neck. She sucked in a gulp of air just as he took them both beneath water.

Cool water surrounded her, but it was the much-needed bath she’d been craving. Yet the tide began retreating from all around her and Anna realized she was no longer in ­­­his grip. She opened her eyes beneath the lowering surface and saw the ocean swirling around her.

A whirlpool.

The sea continued to swirl around her until finally, she was standing on the sandbank with walls of water circling. Through the crystal-clear wall of water, the handsome man’s form approached. Charybdos stepped through the barrier and grinned. “This is better is it not, priestess?”

She nodded, dumbfounded. Her arms clutched her body nervously, ashamed of her figure before so perfect of a man. Even if he was just a dream.

“You rival Aphrodite.” He approached her once more until his hard torso pressed against her breasts. His hands cupped the curves of her ass, pulling her even closer. He picked her up and she gasped as he laid her against the ground once more. Water continued to swirl around them, a gentle soundtrack.

Her core throbbed when she realized what was coming. His turquoise gaze lingered on hers as the sensual planes of his face descended between her legs. Her back arched against hard sand as his tongue lapped out and met her flesh. His sensual lick melted against her clit in a wave of wet heat.

Her body shuddered against the onslaught of pleasure as his tongue continued to slip through her bed of curls. The space between her legs tingled, a fiery nest of pleasure. “Oh, God.”

He took his lips away from her core and her body cried out for him. He spoke, his breath tickling her skin. “Tell me you worship me.”

“I worship you.” Her pant escaped in a wanton rush.

“Good, now prove it.” Her Greek god plunged into her slippery center. She cried out in pleasure as his solid length entered. His thrust went deep, filling her to the hilt. His strong arms propped him up on top of her, and his hips ground against her, ensuring she felt every inch of what he offered her.  

He continued the slow, deep grind. “You are so tight. Perfect.”

Anna was too busy seeing stars to reply. The sound of water splashing around them in a magickal swirling wall served as a constant reminder of her fantastical situation. Yet the pleasure was real.

The Greek god quickened pace, driving into her. Ecstasy built within Anna as each deep thrust slammed against her clit, sending shockwaves of sensual bliss through her body. Wet heat continued to seep between her legs, guiding Charybdos to slam into her harder and faster.

He reached into her deepest depths, finding a hidden cove of ecstasy. His hand went to the space between her legs and massaged in an erotic frenzy. She could no longer hold back the flood gates. The pressure that’d been building between her legs exploded in waves of pleasure.

She screamed. Her core tightened around his hard length, squeezing tight, milking out his own pleasure. But he didn’t stop, instead he continued his bottomless thrusts and massaged her tiny bud until more explosions became erotic torture.

Never before had she been so overwhelmed by pleasure.

Finally, Charybdos retreated, leaving her body to shudder as waves of ecstasy continued to roll through her. Anna couldn’t help the smile that lingered on her cheeks, a side effect of the multiple-climax.

“Oh, God.”

Turquoise eyes smiled at her, framed by raven black hair. Yep. Anna had died and gone to Greek God heaven.

“I’m glad to have created a believer.” Charybdos nuzzled the soft flesh of her neck and kissed, suckling on her tender skin as if he still hungered for her. “I have gone long without tribute. Tis time to worship once more.”

Just when Anna thought she’d recovered from her orgasms, her body still shaking, the God of Whirlpools drove into her once more. Her world swam with ecstasy until finally, the depths of climax surrendered her to dreamland.

Sometime later, Anna stirred as she felt her body being carried through cool waves. The sound of the ocean cascading against sand caused her eyes to open. In the distance, she saw the glow of sunrise. A familiar turquoise gaze smiled down at her, they glittered with sensual promise.

“I hope that you are not too busy discovering ancient secrets to visit my sacred beach once more. There is more worshipping yet to be done.”

Sleep descended upon Anna once more. But when she awoke, she returned to the ruins with a new appreciation and desire to uncover the secrets behind the ancient fortress. And you better believe she’d be making the hike back down the hill. After all, the sacred sands held secrets of their own.
The End
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  3. Great ending Jennifer. Very steamy. x