Friday, February 24, 2012

My Favorite Review so Far -- and Why

This past week I received a new FOUR-star review on Amazon for my erotic IR novella, MACY'S AWAKENING. Of course I'm usually all about those perfect FIVE-star reviews. But what this reader had to say about my book makes it my favorite review so far: Here are her words:

Ms. Anthony has written a bi-racial love story that is all about the sexual fantasy. The age difference, in my opinion, is what makes it hot. I won't repeat what the other reviewers have already said, but as I read this story, I just went with it and enjoyed it for what it was: escapism, an extremely hot love story where two people are thrown in close proximity and have to try their hardest to stay away from each other. The writing is remarkably good; the sexual tension, some of the best I've read. The book is cleanly edited and extremely well-written. If you approach the age difference from a fantasy viewpoint, it really doesn't get much hotter than this. I'm looking forward to reading more of Ms. Anthony's stories. Solid four stars.

Do you know why I love this review? Because it doesn't pick the story apart and give opinions about plot points and how things should have ended. While those are valid observations, they don't address the EXPERIENCE of reading the story. That's what my newest reader did. She told us how it FELT to just sink into the fantasy and go with it. As a writer, that's what I want for every reader - a steamy, engrossing escape from real life for just a little while. It means a lot to me that I gave that experience to this reader. It's why I write. Thank you, Lynda Chance. Other reader/reviewers could take a lesson from you!


  1. Great review!!! Good for you, embrace it!

  2. I know how you feel. Its nice when its viewed the way its suppose to be. Its a romance story, not reality (though I've read Macy's Awakening and it could be reality for someone)...but you get what I mean. Books are a place to escape. Great review. I never look at the star rating, I concentrate on what they had to say. And I think this is a 5-star review (pun intended).

  3. Thanks ladies. I know you get me. :)