Monday, February 27, 2012

Comments and Giveaways

With my fourth release--when did that happen--I decided it was time to give back to my readers. So I've put together a giveaway for them that ends on March 20th. The giveaway has been going on for a week and at this point 12 people have entered! 12...that might seem like a small number to you, but it melts my heart knowing that 12 people have have read me have stopped by to tell me their thoughts. The giveaway I think is simple. They just have to tell me how their favorite character is and why. That's it, easy peasy. So today I wanted to share some of my favorite comments. And I should say that I didn't realize at the time I started this giveaway that the comments would mean so much to me. And in return I feel like giving each and every one of them a gift!

I finally did it!!! I finished a book in record time.  Of course it helps to tell my hubby that I am locking the door and he has the kids (All 5 and our GodDaughter makes 6).  He's a man and can handle it!  :)

Anyway, I wanted to say, I read Fool Me Once.  I really enjoyed it.  I liked Skylar and her insecurieties.  She is like so many of us women when it comes to men.  Being burned once is hard enough, you definitely don't want to set yourself up for a second time.  

My favorite part of the story was near then end, when Skylar comes home from work with her roses and her roommate, Amy is not home.  I really was half expecting Sky to find Drew with Amy and there being 2 possible outcomes. 1. Sky storming out.  2. Sky joining in.  I was somewhat in a suspenseful mood by that time.  But when Sky opened her bedroom door and finds Drew all sexy.....I nearly cried!  What a romantic!! :)  My heart went out to her.

With all that being said...I liked Skylar.  I love her name, her insecurities, and her ability to finally trust.  She is my favorite!

Thanks for letting me ramble.  I am not one to write reviews because they usually just come out saying, "I liked it alot."  I am not one who can put in writing what I want to say without sounding like a 3 year old.  The other reviews I read are so well written, I can't come close.

But I do want you to know...I really liked it alot!!  I will most definitely be getting your other books and "stalking" you on FB, Twitter, and blog.  
Thanks so much!!

And another:

Hi, Lacey!  Well, I've only read Amber's Muse...and I LOVED it!  So, of course my favorite character is Jax! He's so adorable and sweet...and clueless!  Not to mention HAWT and so very helpful!  LOL!  I think Amber got a little more than she bargained for with Jax...and even though he was somewhat clueless with the whole job/responsibility thing...she could've been nicer to him.  This book so needs a sequel..hint, hint...wink, wink!  ;) 

This one is one I hear a lot...readers want more Amber and Jax. Its actually on my mind since it has been requested so many times. There just so happens to be a small little bunny hopping in my head and I think I know just what their second story could be.

There are several more good comments, but those are two I wanted to share. Now, if you've read me or haven't (there is time) and you want to see what this giveaway is that I have going on, go to the link below. And one more time....THANK-YOU READERS!!!!!

See ya next Monday!

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  1. What lovely comments, Lacey! Your characters really connect - I love Jax too! Good luck with the give away x x