Monday, January 23, 2012

Author And Reader Interaction

It seems like everything I have come across lately has been about authors interacting with their readers.

I confess, I comment on sites who review my book...if its a good one.

I "like" reviews on Goodreads from reviewers.

And I always stop by and thank a host who has me on their blog promoting.

So why does everything I keep reading tell me this is a big no-no? The author is sacred to a reader. If we communicate with them then we might make them feel uncomfortable. What?! 

Before I was a little ol' author I was an avid reader and book blogger. If I tweeted an author and they actually replied, it brightened my whole day...maybe even week. If an author popped by my blog to say thanks for the review, then I cherished that post. Author's were like celebrities to me.

But now I am an author and I am no celebrity. And I realize authors are just people. But I often hope that if I pop by a blog to say thanks that maybe I brightened someones day the way an author did mine.

After reading a few of these articles I then poled some book bloggers and asked if they liked authors stopping by and if they felt intimidated after. The response was what I expected, they liked it. It made the review worth it.

I'm sure a friendly thank you goes a long way. And I say if you don't like the review, don't leave a comment. They'll never know you were there anyway.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on author to reader interaction?

See ya next Monday,


  1. I'm a avid believer in being polite and a thank you goes a long way.

    I also believe you are damned if you damned if you don't. If you say thank you people may say you're a pushy author if you don't they say you're a diva.

    I believe you have to go with your heart, at the end of the day if you feel you have done what's right, that's all that matters!