Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Where have all the nipples gone?

Before I begin - Very big congratulations to Ella and Lacey - who had a big launch party last night to celebrate their new releases! If you haven't already - check out these fab new reads - links and info here

So the countdown to Christmas has begun! I am so excited - I love buying and making presents, loads and loads.

However, my man asked me to choose some nice lingerie - easy task?

No, ladies, it was not.

And I'll tell you why! Remember not so long ago I called for a Visible Panty Line revival?

Well my trip to the underwear shops - both online and real, got my blood boiling... Why, WHY are all bras so padded? I don't understand. Now I am in no way what one would call 'well endowed' - but I have enough to keep me happy and don't feel the need to make them look any bigger - a little push up now and then, ok, I'll give you that, but that's not really why I'm raving on...

My big problem is that while these brassieres may give you a little ooomf, what they take away is far more serious - the nipple!

Surely one of the highlights of the adult world is to catch a peek of a nipple through a tight T-shirt - or blouse? But with these contraptions, a lady would have to be packing rockets on the end of her bosoms to even show a glimpse of her little delights.

So ladies, I'm calling for us to unite - free the nipples from the tyranny of these armoured monsters!

Um, I'm done now... better go see if I can unpick the  padding from that new bra...


Lots of love Tabitha x x
PS. None of my heroines wear padded bras - Mia's Books!


  1. I HATE bras! I just spent a fortune on two the other day. If i'm home I don't wear one. I will wear to tanks in the summer or a tank under my shirt or sports bra.

    I do have to wear the evil contraption when I leave the house. I wish i was flat chested every day.

    Lets burn the bras along with the thongs!

  2. oh dear Tabitha! I just love you. However, all I have are padded since I'm a wee bit tiny on top. I never even thought my hubs might like it a little less padded. I must be a bad wife, lol.

    Okay, so if we are burning bras now, I'll burn just a few. I needed my padding. :)

  3. I agree wholeheartedly that bras are evil things. The only comfy ones I have are sports bras, which make my torso look like a meatloaf from neck to waist. Sexy!

  4. Love the post! Sadly, I can not go braless. I'm gifted in that area.;) So, no padding for me.

    I HATE to bra shop in general. Maybe that's why my heroines usually don't wear one.

  5. Ah ladies, you give me hope for the revolution! My heroines are usually bra-less too Ella - I think I wish I didn't need to wear one at all x x

  6. I go bonkers trying to find unpadded bras. I just don't like them, or the look they offer. I'm no Jayne Mansfield, but it'll do. I agree, viva la nipples!


  7. Hi Sommer - viva la nipples indeed! In the glorious event that any of you find some lovely, lush unpadded brassieres for sale, could you send me a link (and none of those granny's cross-your-heart white pointers) tabitharayne@gmail.com thanks! x x