Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jack Frost's my friend

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I will be at Getting Naughty Between The Stacks tomorrow - talking festive chaos

I was thinking about Lacey's post yesterday and just how much we make do and mend in our household. I guess following my dream of being a writer isn't quite as lucrative as some other careers I could have chosen, but, I love it.

It helps that I am pretty handy about the house and can plumb in a radiator or put up a shelf (as long as I've got my high heels on - glamour is key ladies). So at Christmas time, I love making things with my family, especially decorations for the tree, which range from cut up toilet roll holders, to toy cars, to glass  angels. I always treat myself to one special handmade bauble - this year I have a lovely beaded star I found in an art shop.

But, where do these lovely trinkets end up? On my mum's shabby old artificial tree. As she died almost ten years ago, and it was hers for many years, you can imagine the state of it! So this year, as a tribute to her, we are going to have a real tree. A big one... So, I will be very busy making all sorts of creations to fill it up.

Though I did hear a tip on the radio the other day - you should only cut a tree for Christmas after there has been a frost - otherwise it will drop its needles very quickly. I don't know if it's true or not but I'm waiting for Jack Frost to do his magic before I get mine.

I hope he comes soon.

Tabitha x

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  1. we are in the market to get a small fake tree. Over the past year we have moved a desk with a bookshelf tower above and the massively huge dog crate for our pup (lab/rott mix) into out living room, and don't have room for a tree in my tiny house. So, we are going to get a table top tree.

    Hope you get your frost soon. I love making ornaments. Its so fun to take them out each year and see what fun you had the year before. :)