Monday, November 21, 2011

Gobble Gobble...The Kids Are Home

First up, I want to say Happy Release Day to fellow Beachwalk Press authors, Kaylie Newell on her debut romantic suspense A Death The Lingers and Stephanie Beck on her novella Barely Dreaming


So, its Monday and my turn again. My kids are home this week and this is something new for me. Not them being home, but juggling work and them. For seven years my life has been completely dedicated to them. Last year when I wrote Amber's Muse, it was while my daughter was in a church morning program a few days a week. Then summer came, and the novella was finished and in the hands of publishers. Since August 2nd, when my book was accepted, things have really taken off for me. Which is great. Both kids are in school now, so I'm used to having ours to type away at stories and their deadlines. Of course, my mind is very active and wants to write away and the kids are running wild around my house. Somehow I have to find away to write and be their dear devoted mom. They know mommy needs a little time each day to work.  With an upcoming release, I'm still in the edits for Fool Me Once. This week is going to be a good test for me on how this upcoming summer is going to go. Oh, and Christmas break is right around the corner.

So for those like I who work from home, how are you juggling the kids this week? Are you taking the week off. Any tips for me?

I see movies and video games in my future. :)

See ya next Monday!


  1. My oldest is in school but I also have a 2 1/2 year old. So it can be tricky. She loves to draw and play playdough.... and she has a DSI XL... so mostly she is quiet and the DSI games are educational!! So I get time spots here and there to write, it's hard because your concentration and flow are always being broken.

    I will admit at times I do have to remind myself that my girls come first, writing is second. I do feel like a horrible mother sometimes, but a guess us moms always feel guilty no matter what. They're only young once and I don't want to look back on their childhood and think my mom was always on her lap top.

    Nap time is heaven!!! I guess it all comes down to balance!

  2. It is a *huge* challenge when they're little. Mine are older (youngest is 17), but even now I still have to deal with the 'broken concentration' when they're home.