Monday, October 3, 2011

Struggling with characters

As a writer, I share things with friends while I write. Well, recently I had to step away from book 2 in my upcoming Hot Bods series. I started this book quite awhile ago and on average I was only able to get out 500 words at a sitting. I kept having to stop and really think. This was different for me. With Fool Me Once, which is book 1 in the upcoming series, I had it written in two weeks. The characters Skylar and Drew were fun and just flowed. Now as I work with Adam and Amy on their story, I just want to get them alone in a room and have a long talk with them. Tell them to make this easy on me, or else...well I guess I can't really threaten them, I need them.

So, that's where my non-writer friends give me the crazy eye. Most say, "your writing them, what is so hard?"

I answer, "their story is just hard. I have to really think about it as I write."

Which in return, they just don't get. They wonder how their story is hard when I am the one who is creating it. And really, I don't have a good answer. It is just how it is, right?

For the first time had I to write an outline and that took me two days to just plan it. That did actually help. I think its the emotions with these two. It isn't one character chasing the other, its two characters who already liked one another. One with commitment issues and the other trying to play it cool. So, maybe that's it. I figure by the time I finish it, this will either be one of my best works or one of my worst. I am leaning for best. While I was actively working on this one, I felt the tingles in my body whenever these two were in a room together. I hope my readers can feel it too.

So, I have to ask. If you are a writer reading this, have you ever had character that gave you a hard time and how did you get through it?

And to non writers reading this, what are your thoughts?

See ya next Monday!


  1. I'm sure it will be great! Take your time and you'll find the voices:)

  2. I'm going through the exact same thing, Lacey - it's awful! I have everything planned out, all characters etc, (which is unusual) but nothing will flow. It's frustrating but I don't think you can force it... try doing a bit of unrelated flash fiction or write a scene you know you'll enjoy (and now, I'll go and try to follow my own advice) - good luck x